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Combat Archery Tag Hire and Rental


Combat Archery is a BRAND NEW exciting combat game that allows players all the excitement of Dodgeball and Paintball to be mixed with the skill of Archery using specially made bows and arrows!

Two teams of up to 10 a side face off across a purpose built 20m x 40m field layout. Each team has 5 specially designed inflatables bunkers to hide behind and there are 5 target cones that are placed in front of each bunker, each holding a ball. There are several objectives to the game.

The scoring in Combat Archery is very simple: you will get points for eliminating an opponent and for hitting a target cone. Each game will last for up to 10minutes, where the scores are added and teams swap ends.

Each team has an end of the pitch to play in and the two teams are separated by a neutral zone. If a player catches an arrow, they can bring one of their eliminated players back into the game. The game ends when either all team members are eliminated, all 5 target cones have been hit or time runs out.

The umpires have a scorecard for each game and will record the points. A match is made up of 5 games. If there are numerous teams, then it is run as matches where the winning team moves through to the next round, so there will be an eventual winner.

Combat Archery is a fantastic new activity that is great for Corporate Events, Team Building, Schools, Parties and Stag and Hen groups.

We can play up to 20 players at a time and there is a minimum age of 8 years.

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This activity is also known as:

  • Battlezone Archery
  • Archery Tag


No. of users Up to 40 players at a time per game, minimum 6 players
Age Restrictions 8 years and over
Height Restrictions N/A
Weight Restrictions N/A
Unit Dimensions (WxD) N/A
Space Required (WxD) 100ft x 200ft / 30m x 60m (up to 20 players)
Space Required (WxD) 165ft x 200ft / 50m x 60m (up to 40 players)
Power Requirements N/A
Indoors Yes
Outdoors Yes
Additional Notes For outdoor bookings, we require a flat area of short cut grass or Astroturf and cannot operate on hard standing or gravel. Please seek advice for suitability of indoor area.


WOW what a night! Big thank you to Joe and Nick for last night’s event.  It all went very smoothly and loudly!!!  Joe and Nick were great.

Kate, Corporate Event Company

A quick note to say thank you 🙂 Fred and Tom were a joy to work with, friendly, knowledgeable, great teachers, very flexible and above all totally professional. Many of the participants told me how much they enjoyed the session and made reference to Fred and Tom. Having people like that as part of my support team makes my life so much easier. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Colin Smith, Corporate Day

Just a short note to thank you (and Joe) for your efforts on Sunday. Joe was an absolute star. The presentation of the equipment was immaculate including the set up. The children (and a few adults!) loved the activities and we will without doubt be using your services again. A truly professional job, executed perfectly.

Scott Cheesman, Corporate Family Funday, Kent

Thanks so much for all your help, it’s an absolute pleasure to deal with you! I submitted about 5 enquiries back in December, only 1 other company got back to me and that was after 2 weeks – so just so you know, no one has come close to your standards!!

Amy Francis, Staff BBQ, West London