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Mobile Rock Climbing Wall and Portable Rockwall Hire and Rentals


Rock climbing is one of the fastest-growing sports in the UK. But why spend time travelling when you can hire Altitude’s Mobile Climbing Wall and we can bring the rockface directly to you? Established in 2004, Altitude is one of the longest-running companies offering Mobile Rock Climbing Wall Hire and Rockwall Rentals in the Southeast. Although based on the Surrey/Sussex border, Altitude’s Mobile Rock Climbing Wall Hire service also regularly covers West Sussex, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, London, Berkshire, Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Altitude’s Mobile Rock Climbing Tower is ideal for hire for school use, corporate events, team building days, trade shows, promotions, youth groups, charity events, fetes, country shows, community events, council events, family fun days, extreme sports events, holiday playschemes and just about anything else that you can think of in between!

Our Mobile Rock Climbing Wall Hire package provides a major attraction at very reasonable rental prices, also giving scope for promotion or fundraising and guaranteeing FUN for all ages!

Altitude’s eye-catching 8m (24ft) high Mobile Rock Climbing Wall features automatic belay systems and allows up to 4 climbers to climb simultaneously in complete safety. There are many different climbing routes on each of the 4 faces of the Rockwall meaning that we can find a challenge for anyone and everyone!

As well as being supplied with top quality safety equipment, £10 million PLI and full risk assessments, your Portable Climbing Wall will also always be operated by a fully qualified and experienced climber (CRB/DBS checked and 1st aid trained) to ensure that climbers are in safe hands at all times. We run the Mobile Climbing Wall as rock climbers ourselves and not just amusement operators meaning that all our staff have a real passion for the sport they instruct. Our Mobile Climbing Wall, instructors and operating procedures are certified by the relevant mountaineering authorities. The Mobile Rockwall can be set up on driveways, car parks, pavements, playgrounds, playing fields, lawns, gravel or even indoors (subject to suitable access). The Mobile Rockwall weighs 2 tonnes (over 5 tonnes when including the 4×4 tow vehicle) and requires a firm flat area of 8m frontage x 15m depth with an overhead clearance of 9m. Altitude’s Mobile Rock Climbing Tower features the latest auto-belay technology and safety equipment in order to offer climbers the ultimate in safety and enjoyment, while our professional climbing instructors help guide and teach.

Automatic belay system:

In recreational sport climbing, there are generally two people involved in a climb – the climber, and the person who is providing safety for the climber, who is known as the belayer. The belayer traditionally secures a climber using two hands and a braking device on the rope to control the descent of the climber. The biggest fear for many climbers is that a belayer could lose control of the climbing rope, endangering the climber, such mistakes have happened to even the most experienced of climbers.

Because Altitude uses “auto-belays” the human element is removed from the belaying process, thus eliminating the possibility of human error.

Altitude’s Portable Climbing Wall has a pressurized air/oil hydraulic control system that automatically controls the rate of descent when a climber falls or chooses to come down from the Climbing Wall. The automated belaying system takes up the slack in the climbing cable as the person climbs and therefore eliminates the need to rely upon a human belayer for every climber.

Not convinced? Our Mobile Rock Climbing Wall has been manufactured with two hydraulic cylinders for every climber. This means that we have a redundant system, or back up, which ensures that if one hydraulic cylinder fails, the second system will take up the slack and function in a safe manner.

Advantages of our system

  • Our auto-belay system is a hydraulic unit that needs no power to operate.
  • Our system has specially designed “flow” controls built-in so even if a hydraulic hose was cut or destroyed the participant will still be safe.
  • Our system uses “double Pistons” in tandem so in the unusual event that one breaks you still have one back up unit.

And Why Choose Altitude to hire from?

That’s a very good question with so many other Portable Climbing Wall operators around nowadays and here are a few reasons why we think Altitude are the best operators in the Southeast:


Our CRB/DBS checked and 1st aid trained staff are climbers themselves meaning that they have a passion for the sport they instruct. We are not just amusement operators as most Mobile Rockwall providers are. Our staff and working practices are all certified by an MIA/MIC showing our good practice.

Feedback and Experience

Check out our testimonials to see what our previous clients thought about us. We have never missed a booking or let anyone down since we started operating in 2004 and we have attended many hundreds of events in this time.

Insurance and Risk Assessments

We have £10 million PLI and full Risk Assessments.


Being climbers ourselves we only use top quality equipment in our sessions and we have far more of it than most other Mobile Rockwall hirers. We have 16 harnesses for under 10’s and over 20 harnesses for over 10’s meaning we can operate with good group sizes and waste far less time changing over kit than most companies do.

The Tower

Our old Mobile Rockwall was recently replaced with a brand new top of the range Mobile Climbing Wall, helping keep us as market leaders in the Southeast. Our Portable Climbing Tower has many different routes on it so that we can find a challenge for anyone and everyone. Rather than just having 1 route on each side as most Mobile Climbing Towers do, we have at least 7 different climbs on each face of the Climbing Wall.


Our Mobile Rock Climbing Wall Hire prices are very reasonable and we always stick to them. There are no additional costs put on at a later date and we never take cheap bookings and cancel them at late notice when better ones come in as many operators seem to do.

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This activity is also known as:

  • Abseiling Tower
  • Climbing Wall
  • Portable Climbing Wall
  • Rock Climbing


No. of users 4 climbers at a time
Age Restrictions N/A
Height Restrictions N/A
Weight Restrictions Minimum – 3.5st/22kgs Maximum – 18st/110kgs
Unit Dimensions (WxDxH) N/A
Space Required (WxDxH) 26'3" x 49'3" x 29'6"/8m x 15m x 9m
Power Requirements N/A (unless it’s a multi-day booking)
Indoors Yes - Subject to suitable vehicle access for the trailer and floor suitability
Outdoors Yes
Additional Notes Flat ground required with nothing overhead lower than 9m. We need access for a 4x4 to bring in the trailer which is 2.75m wide, 2.75m high and nearly 10m long.

If you can’t see the answer to your Mobile Climbing Wall Hire question(s) below, please do not hesitate to contact us by or on 0330 133 0900.

About the Mobile Rock Climbing Wall

How many people can climb at once?

Up to 4 climbers may use our Mobile Rock Climbing Wall at any one time.

How easy or difficult is it?

We have different coloured holds on each face of the Portable Rockwall and can use them to set harder routes for those who want a challenge. Therefore we should be able to find something suitable for both a 7yr old and a 17yr old.

Can anyone have a climb on the Mobile Climbing Wall?

As long as they weigh over 3.5 stone and are under 18 stone (22 and 110kg) anyone can climb the Mobile Rockwall provided they are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There are routes of varying difficulty on the Rockwall so we can find a challenge for anyone and everyone!

What sort of events has the Portable Climbing Tower been used for previously?

In short – pretty much anything and everything!! Corporate team building, family fun days, multi-activity away days, school use, educational activity days, school fetes, village fetes, country shows, car launches, youth groups, charity fundraisers, prisons, open days, summer/holiday playschemes, council outreach schemes, community events, etc. The Mobile Climbing Tower has attended some weird and wonderful events over the years and we look forward to continuing to do so in the future!

What Altitude Events provide

Our Kit

All of our climbers are kitted out with high-quality Petzl harnesses which are worn throughout the session by all climbers to avoid time wasted swapping kit around between climbers. We have over 20 adult versions and at least 16 small children versions (under 10yrs).

Experienced climber

During every session, we run there will be an experienced and enthusiastic rock climbing instructor on hand to offer advice and guidance to all climbers on how to tackle the Mobile Rockwall.

Tailor-made climbing sessions

Session content varies according to a whole host of variables (size of the group, age of group, the reason for booking, duration of booking, etc) and can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. Sessions can be run to focus on team development or just as an introduction to the sport of Rock Climbing. So, give us a call and we can come up with a plan that meets all your aims and expectations.

A Venue

Should you not have one that is suitable, we do have venues across the Southeast that we can use, please contact us for details.

What you need

What should I wear?

Casual clothing is best, with trousers and a t-shirt being the most common attire. We do ask that some form of footwear is worn whilst climbing as we do not permit climbing barefoot or in socks. Clothing on the upper body must also be worn.

What area and location is needed for setting up the Mobile Climbing Wall?

The Portable Climbing Wall can be sited indoors or out. Please see specifications tab for unit and space dimensions. We drive in one of the sides and out the other side so we cannot be penned in unfortunately. For full dimensions and access requirements please contact us. We also require suitable vehicle access to the site for our vehicle and trailer which weigh around 5 tonnes in all. Please see here for a video on how the wall is set up.

Does the Mobile Climbing Tower need a power supply?

No, the Mobile Climbing Wall is self-contained and runs from its own battery. However, if we are on the same site for multiple days we may need access to power to charge the Climbing Wall battery up between days.


How safe is it?

Sessions are run by fully trained, 1st aid qualified, CRB/DBS checked, and experienced instructors. Hire costs include the mandatory use of top quality safety harnesses. The automatic belay systems remove the possibility of human error. We also operate with £10 million public liability insurance and have full risk assessments. Our procedures and practices have been checked and certified by a MIC and unlike many of our competitors, we actually use climbers as instructors. The Portable Wall is also on the approved lists for East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent and Surrey LEAs. In our constant efforts to have the most up to date equipment, we recently replaced our old Climbing Tower with a brand new Climbing Wall.

Does the weather affect the Rockwall?

The Climbing Wall is fully waterproof and can be used all year round. However, we do not operate in periods of heavy rain or when wind speed is in excess of 30mph. We also cease operating during periods of lightning for obvious safety reasons!

Do climbers wear helmets?

It is widely acknowledged now that helmets are more dangerous than helpful to wear on a Climbing Wall with automatic belay systems. When auto belays are being used its best practice not to climb with a helmet. Small children can easily get helmets caught on climbing holds and then the belay system chokes them on their helmet strap. This policy is fully signed off and recommended by our technical advisor, belay manufacturer and insurance policy. As long as children are supervised and instructed correctly in what they are doing whilst they climb, the risk of not wearing a helmet is very small. In outdoor environments, most helmets are worn to prevent things falling from above rather than a climber banging their own head during climbing.


How much does it cost to hire a Mobile Climbing Wall?

We will tailor-make your Climbing Wall Rental quote dependent on factors such as your location, length of hire, number of staff required, date of hire and whether or not any other piece of equipment is being hired on the same event.

Do we have to pay anything else?

Everything will be included in our hire quote – Climbing Wall hire, delivery, staffing, equipment rental and insurance. There are no hidden extras.

How do I book?

Give us a call or send an e-mail and we can check your desired date(s) for availability and give you a quote. When you are ready to confirm, we will send out a booking form complete with the booking terms and conditions to check over. Once filled in, please return it to us along with payment. Then sit back and count down the days until we arrive!

Are there options to customize our hire to advertise a product or event?

Yes, we have flag poles on the top of the Rockwall which can have flags mounted on them. We do also have banner mountings should you wish to put a banner down the side of the climbing surface (cannot be used when very windy though). We can brand the barriers that keep the crowd and the queue back from the climbing area. Staff uniform can also be tailored to further advertise a chosen product or event.

How far will Altitude travel for an event?

Although we are based on the Surrey/Sussex border in the South East, we will travel anywhere to do an event and have been as far afield as Cornwall, Wales and North Yorkshire with the Mobile Wall. However, if it is far from our base, the rental price will reflect this as transportation of the wall is a slow and expensive process. Please contact us for further information if this is something that you would be interested in. Altitude usually works in the Southeast and frequently cover East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, London, Berkshire, Essex, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

What towns have you provided activities in?

Altitude Events are completely mobile. Towns we have visited with the Mobile Climbing Wall include Uckfield, Eastbourne, Hastings, Ashford, Folkestone, Brighton, Littlehampton, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, East Grinstead, Horsham, Crawley, Gatwick, Redhill, Reigate, Dorking, Leatherhead, Cobham, Walton, Guildford, Farnham, Godalming, Aldershot, Epsom, Sutton, Croydon, Oxted, Caterham, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Cranbrook, Bromley, Orpington, Maidstone, Dartford, Rochester, Chatham, Sittingbourne, Chichester, Worthing, Bexhill and many more!

Why choose Altitude?

From the number of companies that copy our website, content, company name and use our photographs, I think it really does show how good we are at what we do! From the very moment that we turn up on-site, you will see how professionally the company is run and the high standards we work to. We are a family run business and therefore the great name that we have built up for ourselves since 2004 is very important to us. We have never let a client down and once we take a booking we guarantee that we will honour that unlike many other companies who take cheap bookings and then cancel with no notice when a better-paid booking comes in. Check out our testimonials page for comments from our past customers. Our staff, who are mostly climbers themselves are CRB/DBS checked and first aid trained. The kit we use is all top quality and not the typical equipment that you would find when you hire as our staff are climbers themselves and not just amusement ride operators as most are. Not only do we have experience and knowledge of rock climbing but our staff are also enthusiastic in the sport which is a real help when trying to get others to enjoy and take part in the sessions.


Thanks again for coming and running the Climbing Wall. It has proven so popular and a key part of our event. Fingers crossed we’ll be booking you again for next year.

Ali Stubbs, Village Fete

You were amazing!  Your Climbing Wall shone out in all the photos and was such a success. Well done. You should only pat yourselves on the back.

Kirsten Johnstone, Community Funday, Surrey

Everyone had a great day and the Climbing Wall was the key attraction I think.  Hope to work with you again in the future.

Stuart Wheatley, Disabled Sports Event, Windsor

Fantastic Ben, thank you.  The Climbing Wall looked excellent, well organised, safe and popular as ever….hopefully see you guys again next year!

Tim Fleming, Council Activity Day, Wandsworth

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say, thanks for Saturday. Your assistance on the lead up to the event was top class (despite us being difficult customers with all of the health and safety nonsense!) and the staff and attractions you provided were all absolutely great. I was especially impressed by the friendliness of all of the staff. They really helped make the day a success with their great attitudes.

Ed Fumanski, Corporate Family Funday, East London

On behalf of the organising team of the Surrey County Beaver Fun Day at Cranleigh Showground I would like to thank you and your team for organising and running the activities on Saturday 27th June 2015.  Your staff all worked very hard and certainly appeared to be busy all day long.  We will definitely seek to use your services at the next event in 2018.  I might even be persuaded to manage the bookings again!  Once again, thank you for providing a great day out for the Beavers.

David Cooper, Beaver Event, Surrey

Just a quick note to you and your team to say a massive “Thankyou” for the work that you did on Saturday, I appreciate that we were paying you but it was a real pleasure to work with you all. >From my point of view the event was a success, we are keen to repeat the event and I would be grateful if you would send me over some dates for next Spring and also the Autumn. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you. Please pass on my sincere thanks to you and your team.

Paul Bell, Hampshire Scouts Promotional Day, Basingstoke

Just want to say we had a fantastic time and you guys were so professional and assisted in all ways especially kind to the children. We all had a fab time and I know the adults had fun too! Once again the biggest thanks and I would not hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone else and in fact if there are any other ideas you have I'm up for next year party for the girls but something different . I've organised the girls parties at our house from Shetland pony rides to roller skating; apparently this one top them all! Will probably get in touch next year then!

Oi Yuhn Wong, Childrens Birthday Party, Hampshire

Also, a big thank you to the guys on Sunday, the feedback was faultless.

Charlie, Corporate Event Organiser, Hertfordshire

Another great summer, and yes lucky with the weather. Just been reviewing some of the feedback and many believe this has been the best year yet! Hope to work with you again next year.

James, Council Summer Holiday Scheme, Hampshire

Just a quick note to say that we had a really good day on Saturday. Joe and the rest of the team were excellent, very professional and engaged well with the customers. Both the climbing wall and golf course were really popular on the day and everyone that took part clearly enjoyed it.

Howard Griffin, Council Town Show, West London

Thanks so much for your work yesterday, and Sebastian too of course. The Climbing Wall was a real hit. Thank you for staying out in the rain: it all helped to keep bringing in the money.

Chris McCosh, School PTA Fete, West London

We're writing to thank you for your participation in our Wellbeing Event last week . It was a hugely successful week from our perspective and we could'nt have offered so many activities and events without your involvement and support. The feedback we have had has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you once again for your involvement and we hope you enjoyed taking part as much as we enjoyed hosting the week.

Climbing Wall for a Health and Wellbeing Company Awareness Week. Herts

Thank you to you and your team, it was a wonderful day and the Climbing Wall was a great success. We will most certainly be in contact for upcoming events.

Jo Baker, Corporate Family Funday, Berkshire

I was impressed by your activity, staff and company and recommended you to an event running next week.

Melanie, Climbing Wall at a Council Participation Day, Berkshire

“Thank you for making our day such a success, I have had lots of positive feedback regarding the climbing wall and my staff particularly enjoyed it. Once again thank you for a very professional approach, it has been a pleasure dealing with you and I am sure to be in touch again soon.”

Crawley Audi, West Sussex

I much preferred the level of service offered by yourselves, plus the quality of your products. We have lots of positive comments about the Mobile Climbing Wall. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Lisa Hemper, Corporate Family Funday, Surrey

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to Goose camp this year. The camp was a great success, a fit celebration of Scouting's centenary this year, and your part in the programme helped provide a wide range of activities enjoyed by thousands of Dorset Scouts during the week. Your contribution toward the climbing element was essential in enabling us to put so many young people through that part of the programme.

Colin Simpson, Deputy County Commisioner, Dorset Scouts

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all of your team. The boys absolutely loved the climbing wall, HTF and laser shooting! Everyone was very professional and it all ran very smoothly making my job easy, we will definitely be using you again. Thanks again and hope you have a great Summer.

Hilary Dorling, Head of Careers, Secondary School, Kent

Thank you for the visit to our school with the Mobile Climbing Wall, Archery and Air Pistols. By all accounts the day was a success. All reports that I have from staff and children alike were of an excellent day had by all. Please thank your team from us.

Steve Hawkins, Dulwich School Outdoor Activity Day

Just a quick note to say thankyou for Saturday. The Climbing Wall has proved one of the favourite attractions over the past couple of years so please pencil us in for next year on the 2nd June 2012!

Mark Aldous, Council Community Event

We have received many lovely comments about the Portable Climbing Wall and Mobile Laser Tag that were on offer and the way in which everyone conducted themselves, so I would appreciate it if you would please pass my thanks on to all those involved.

Councillor Cupper, Mayor Sandhurst

Thank you and your team for Sunday. I've only had really positive feedback about the Mobile Climbing Wall which added another positive dimension to the Fete. All very professionally organised from start to finish. Hopefully we'll see you next year!

Eric, Village Fete, Hampshire

I just wanted to say (and sorry it's so late but it's been a bit manic) many, many thanks for all your efforts to get us a climbing wall and for the very safe and professional way it was run on the day. I've had a lot of compliments, and has passed on your name and email.

Liz, Lewes Scouts

Thank you for providing the Mobile Rock Climbing Wall to Durand Close yesterday. Your team were great!

Christine, Housing Association

Thanks for all your help in organising the 8 Climbing Walls at the 8 Events. The Events were all delivered to your usual high standard. Once again, many thanks

Mark, Event Manager, A series of 8 Corporate Family Fundays

just a quick note to say thanks for a great job done with the Climbing Wall; it was one of the most popular events of the weekend and many girls were both surprised and delighted with what they achieved – be it a record time or just getting half way up.

Jim Farmer, South West London Guides

Thanks so much for keeping us up to date! The client was really pleased with everything – so thank you very much. I’m sure we will be using you again!

PR Agency who had the climbing wall in a shopping centre in school holidays

Day Camps has used Altitude on a number of occasions, both for formal events and for fund-raising activities. The service provided was excellent. Staff were friendly and clearly well trained. The equipment provided was top notch and instructions provided by staff clear. Arranging bookings was easy, supported by a clear and easy to use website. Both staff and children always enjoyed using the Climbing Wall. We look forward to working with Altitude again in 2006.

Myles Young, Director, Day Camps Ltd

We were very pleased with the level of service we received from Altitude. Prior to the summer, all correspondence was swift and direct. During the summer, Altitude was punctual, reliable and upheld all our service requirements. The children who participated in their sessions were always happy, the sessions were always observed to be safe and the feedback from our on-site Managers was always positive. We wish Altitude every success and should we need to hire a climbing wall again, we would have no hesitation in returning to Altitude. We can highly recommend them to other companies or event organisers.

Sarah Price, Operations Manager, Barracudas.