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Off Road Segway Hire and Rental


Altitude Events were the 1st company in the UK to start running Segways on Events in 2006 and as the longest-running Segway provider in the UK we are now the leading provider of Segway Corporate Events and Entertainment in the UK. It’s a bold claim but we believe that we are without a doubt the premier Segway rental operator in the Southeast and also operate nationwide to bring our successful Segway hire services to events far and wide. Altitude has a large Segway hire fleet consisting completely of the latest spec Off-Road Segways which can be used for Segway Corporate Events and Marketing. We are still extremely excited about the prospects of them in the Corporate Events marketplace as we proved they were the biggest new thing in the events industry when we first introduced them. Many of our clients are telling us that they hear the words “Oh, we’ve done that” or “We want something different from last year” more and more frequently these days. Riding a Segway in “The Segway Experience” at your next event could well be the difference that your client is looking for. Segways are emission-free and virtually silent compared to anything else motorised so they also have a very green image. Segways leave a venue in much better condition than other motorised activities and guests can ride a Segway without getting plastered in mud, even in the depths of Winter or the wettest of English Summers!

Altitude’s Segway event rental service is based on the Surrey/Sussex border but we also regularly provide a Segway hire service to events in East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London, Hampshire, Berkshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and further afield. Segway hire is great for Corporate Events, Multi-Activity Days, Family Fundays and Promotional Events.

The Segway Human Transporter (HT) is unique – there has never been anything similar before. It is a self-balancing personal transportation device which harnesses some of the most advanced, thoroughly tested technology ever created. The model that we run is the Segway X2 which is the latest specification off-road version. They come complete with rugged-looking wheel arches, alloy wheels and huge inflatable off-road tyres. The machines can operate on grass or hard standing and have no trouble on rougher dirt tracks either.

Segways require no special skills to use, as they take care of the balancing part for you, meaning virtually anyone can use one. They are very simple to use and take only minutes to get to grips with. To go forward, all you have to do is lean forward, and the opposite for reverse. To turn to the right, simply lean the handlebar to the right and the opposite for left. It really couldn’t be easier!

A Segway HT only has 2 wheels yet it manages to stay upright by itself…

How A Segway Balances

The ability to balance on its own is the most amazing thing about the Segway HT, and it is the key to its operation.

If you stand up and lean forward, so that you are out of balance, you probably won’t fall on your face. Your brain knows you are out of balance, because fluid in your inner ear shifts, so it triggers you to put your leg forward and stop the fall. If you keep leaning forward, your brain will keep putting your legs forward to keep you upright. Instead of falling, you walk forward, one step at a time.

The Segway HT does pretty much the same thing, except it has wheels instead of legs, a motor instead of muscles, a collection of microprocessors instead of a brain and a set of sophisticated tilt sensors instead of an inner-ear balancing system. Like your brain, the Segway HT knows when you are leaning forward. To maintain balance, it turns the wheels at just the right speed, so you move forward. Segway calls this behaviour dynamic stabilization and has patented the unique process that allows the Segway HT to balance on just two wheels.

And Why Choose to use Altitude for your Segway events?

That’s a very good question with so many other Segway operators around nowadays and here’s why:


Our Segway instructors are polite, well presented and all experienced with working on Corporate Events with the Segways and our other equipment. Staff are 1st aid trained and CRB/DBS checked.

Feedback and Experience

Check out our testimonials to see what our previous clients thought about us. We have never missed a booking or let anyone down since Altitude Events started trading in 2004 and we have attended many hundreds of events in this time. Altitude first brought Segways to UK Corporate Events in early 2006 and since then have done hundreds of events with them meaning that we have more experience than any other Segway rental company around.


We have £10 million PLI and full Risk Assessments. All Segway riders wear helmets and we have a fantastic safety record compared to some other Segway rental companies due to the very way we run our events. Some other Segway operators have more accidents and falls in one session than we have in a year and we have seen this first hand. Everyone who rides is trained how to ride a Segway in such a way that when they come to do a more complex manoeuvre they are ready for it rather than just being left to their own devices. We solely use the off-road Segways as these can handle the ground conditions that can be expected in the UK. Other operators run urban versions which cause accidents as their models cannot cope with the slippery terrain when the weather is against you.


We run the latest spec Segways which are kept in “as new” condition and never “dry” hired (without staff) so you know that you are getting the best machines available. All our Segway event hires include clean, unbranded and colour coded mini marquees, chairs, bunting, courses and staff uniform.


Our prices are very reasonable and we always stick to them. There are no additional costs put on at a later date and we never take cheap bookings and cancel them at late notice when better ones come in as many operators seem to do.

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No. of users 1 person per Segway
Age Restrictions N/A
Height Restrictions N/A
Weight Restrictions Minimum – 7st/45kgs Maximum – 19.5st/117kgs
Unit Dimensions (WxDxH) N/A
Space Required (WxDxH) At least 39'4" x 82' x 8'2"/12m x 25m x 2.5m for a pair of Segways
Power Requirements N/A
Indoors Yes
Outdoors Yes
Additional Notes Flat expanse of grass required with short cut grass. Can run on hard standing if required but will not operate on gravel.

If you can’t see the answer to your Segway hire question(s) below, please do not hesitate to contact us on or on 0330 133 0900:

About the Segways

How easy are Segways to use?

Our experienced Segway instructors will give a short safety briefing to every rider and stay with them whilst they take their formative first metres aboard the Segways to ensure that riders feel confident aboard them.  Most people can pick riding a Segway up very quickly and are soon confident on them within 5 minutes of their first ride.

How fast do they go?

There are 2 settings on the Segways.  For most purposes, the Segways will be limited to 5mph which feels fast enough for most people on their first go.  We do also have the option of running them at 12.5mph which can be carried out by the instructor if deemed appropriate.

Can anyone ride a Segway?

Pretty much, as long as they weigh over 7 stone and are under 19.5 stone (45 and 117kgs) – These weight limits are the guidelines supplied by Segway and not our own rules.  However, riding during pregnancy is not allowed and no one under the influence of alcohol or drugs is allowed to use the Segways. We also request riders remove high heeled shoes to ride.

What sort of Events have the Segways been used for?

Segways have proved to be a hit on Corporate Events, Team Builds, Company Family Fun Days, Multi-Activity Away Days, Reward Days, Council Events, for promotional events, on car-free/environmental days, on TV shows, birthdays, etc.

What Altitude provides

Our Kit

All of our Segway riders are kitted out with safety helmets and the unbranded machines are kept clean and presentable.  All Segway Rental machines are the latest spec models.  All Segway hire packages include mini marquee, coned courses, chairs, bunting and everything else needed to operate.

Experienced instructors

During every session, we run there will be an experienced Segway rider on hand to offer advice and guidance to all riders on how to handle the Segways.

Tailor-made sessions

Session content varies according to a whole host of variables (size of the group, age of group, the reason for booking, duration of booking, etc) and can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. Segway sessions can be run to focus on team development or just as an introduction to riding a Segway. So, give us a call and we can come up with a plan that meets all your aims and expectations.

A venue

We have venues across the Southeast that we can use if you don’t have one, please contact us for further details.

What you need

What should I wear?

Whatever you want!  Just not high heels, please. And please no face paint or hair dye as it rubs off on the helmets.

Do the Segways need a power supply?

No, the Segways run from their own batteries and will last a 6hr day on one charge.  If your Event is at a very cold time of year we may require a power supply in order to start up the machines and possibly charge at lunchtime, etc as batteries lose more power when it is very cold.

How much space do I require to operate the Segways?

We will operate accordingly to space on offer.  If space is a constraint, we may only be able to use one Segway at a time.  Ideally, for a pair of Segways we would like an area of flat grass of at least the size of a tennis court but the more space you can provide the better!


How safe is it?

Sessions are run by fully trained, 1st aid qualified, CRB/DBS checked, and experienced staff. Segway Hire costs include the mandatory use of helmets and the Segways are limited to 5mph, which is fast enough for most.  We also operate with £10 million public liability insurance and have full risk assessments.  Altitude Events have run Segway sessions and events for longer than anyone in the UK and know how to operate in a safe and fun manner.  We bring riders up to speed gradually once they have mastered the basic controls.

Does the weather affect the Segways?

The Segways are fully waterproof and can be used all year round.  However, we do reserve the right to suspend activities in periods of prolonged heavy rain.  Segways are affected by the Winter in so far as the batteries do not last quite as long when very cold and we may require a power supply to jump-start them if temperatures are low.  We may also need to cease sessions if the ground is deemed too slippery, due to mud, ice or water.


How much do Segways cost to hire?

We do not advertise a standard price as our quote will be dependent on factors such as your location, length of hire, number of staff required, date of hire and whether you are hiring any other pieces of equipment from us for the same event.

Do we have to pay anything else?

Everything will be included in our quote – Segway hire, delivery, instructors, equipment rental and insurance.  There are no hidden extras.

How do I book?

Give us a call or send an e-mail and we can check your desired date(s) for availability and give you a quote. When you are ready to confirm, we will send out a booking form complete with the booking terms and conditions to check over. Once filled in, please return it to us along with payment. Then sit back and count down the days until we arrive!

Are there options to customize our Segway hire to advertise a product or event?

Staff uniform can be tailored to advertise a chosen product or event.

How far will Altitude travel for an event?

Although we are based on the Surrey/Sussex border in the South East, Altitude Events will travel anywhere to do an event.  We regularly work in East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, London, Berkshire, Essex, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire as well as travelling further afield when needed.  However, if an event or venue is very far from our base, the price will reflect this.  Please contact us for further information if this is something that you would be interested in.

What towns have you provided activities in?

Altitude Events are completely mobile. Towns we have visited include Uckfield, Eastbourne, Hastings, Ashford, Folkestone, Brighton, Littlehampton, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, East Grinstead, Horsham, Crawley, Gatwick, Redhill, Reigate, Dorking, Leatherhead, Cobham, Walton, Guildford, Farnham, Godalming, Aldershot, Epsom, Sutton, Croydon, Oxted, Caterham, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Cranbrook, Bromley, Orpington, Maidstone, Dartford, Rochester, Chatham, Sittingbourne, Chichester, Worthing, Bexhill and many more!

Why choose Altitude?

From the very moment that we turn up on-site, you will see how professionally the company is run and the high standards we work to. We are a family run company and have a great deal of pride in the good name that we have built up for ourselves at Altitude Events since 2004.  Altitude has never let a client down and attended more than a thousand events over the years.  Once we take a booking we guarantee that we will honour it, unlike many other companies. Check out our testimonials page for comments from our past customers.  Altitude Events were the first company in the UK to run Segways on events back in 2006 so we have more experience than anyone else around!  Our instructors are CRB/DBS checked and first aid trained.   In our Segway hire packages, all equipment is clean, unbranded, in good condition and well maintained or regularly replaced.


A quick note to say thank you 🙂 Fred and Tom were a joy to work with, friendly, knowledgeable, great teachers, very flexible and above all totally professional. Many of the participants told me how much they enjoyed the session and made reference to Fred and Tom. Having people like that as part of my support team makes my life so much easier. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Colin Smith, Corporate Day

Now the dust has settled, I just wanted to re-iterate my feedback that Mark did a GREAT job yesterday! Approachable, polite, amenable, he was a great ambassador for Altitude Events. Please do thank him from us for all his efforts. And the clean van/shiny game was duly noted!  Much appreciated.

Bill Dent, Corporate Event Company

Just to say how much the leaders enjoyed the Segways today! Mark was excellent – really nice chap. We will definitely be doing it again!!

Deanne, Girlguiding Event, West Sussex

Your company provided a couple of Segways and instructors for my birthday party at Gun Hill a couple of weeks ago. It was a great success thanks to the enthusiasm and personal skills of your instructors.

Alan Sharpe, Private Birthday Party, East Sussex

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say, thanks for Saturday. Your assistance on the lead up to the event was top class (despite us being difficult customers with all of the health and safety nonsense!) and the staff and attractions you provided were all absolutely great. I was especially impressed by the friendliness of all of the staff. They really helped make the day a success with their great attitudes.

Ed Fumanski, Corporate Family Funday, East London

It was lovely to meet you too and the team!  I must thank you and your team for being absolutely patient with everyone.  Everyone thought the events were fantastic and your guys were brilliant!  So please pass on our thanks to them.

Charlotte, Events Agency, Hertfordshire

Thanks so much for all your help, it’s an absolute pleasure to deal with you! I submitted about 5 enquiries back in December, only 1 other company got back to me and that was after 2 weeks – so just so you know, no one has come close to your standards!!

Amy Francis, Staff BBQ, West London

Also, a big thank you to the guys on Sunday, the feedback was faultless.

Charlie, Corporate Event Organiser, Hertfordshire

It was a great day! I spoke with Mark and he was fantastic a real credit to your company!! We will definitely be using you again!!!!!!!!!!

Mandy Welsh, Corporate Activity Afternoon, Brighton

I have been meaning to drop you a line to thank you and your guys for being brilliant. It was really nice to be able to hand over to such professional group. The feedback has all been really positive.

Emma Boyles, Corporate Activity Day, Surrey

I just wanted to thank you and your team for everything Friday. The events were brilliant, you all looked after us so well and everyone cannot stop talking about how much fun they had. A very very big thank you to you all.

Ellie Richmond, Corporate Activity Day, Sussex

A quick note to say a big thank you to you and your team for the fantastic activities you put on Friday. Everyone who attended had a hugely enjoyable day and despite the tropical shower everything went very smoothly.

Ben Gamble, Corporate Activity Day, Surrey

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help organising the Segways. And to say thank you to Mark. We all had a great time and absolutely loved the Segways. Everyone enjoyed the course Mark set up for us ladies. It was one of main highlights of the weekend.

Jemma Jane, Segways for a Hen Do, Surrey

I am sorry that I have'nt been in touch before but this is just to say thanks to you and Mark for all his help on the 9th Nov. It was much appreciated and I am sorry that you had such terrible weather for the activities. I do hope that we will be able to work together again and I will not hesitate to recommend you to our clients.

Liz, General manager of a country house hotel in East Sussex

Please thank your guys for me, they were fantastic on Sunday.

Steve Sampson, Segways for a Corporate Family Funday, Herts

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for supplying the Segways at short notice on Saturday night – it went down a storm and my son's street cred went up a few notches!!!

Samantha Davis, Segway Hire, Hertfordshire

The client has called in to say what a great time they had so thank you very much… very happy customers!

Hayley, Segway Hire, Corporate Events Company

We had fantastic feedback from the client, so thanks once again for your input in making this event a success. I will be in touch soon about future dates.

Charlotte, Corporate Event Venue

Many thanks for yesterday – great day had by all so a happy client!

Anna Workman, Event Organiser, Corporate Family Funday, Berkshire

Many thanks to you and Sam for running a very effective event yesterday. It was well received by all, and we have received many messages of congratulations. You did a very good job of working with the general tone of the launch and the nature of the people, and I would be pleased to recommend you to others.

Mark Swindall, Segway Corporate Event, Fareham