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Altitude’s Top 5 Activities for your School Fete!

Posted in Altitude's Top 5! on May 13, 2015

Planning a school fete this spring/summer? Finding it stressful trying to find the right equipment, right insurance and the right provider?

Well it is not too late to book an activity from Altitude Events! We cater for many school and village fetes each year and below have put together the 5 most popular activities to make yours stand out!

And the best part? Here at Altitude Events we provide everything required from clean, presentable and well looked after equipment and staff to all the boring paperwork including risk assessments and insurance (£10 million). We really take the stress away from your activity booking!

School Fete Top 5 Activities!

5. Rock N’ Roll

2 contenders go head to head in this Gladiator Style ring to see who can be the first one to knock their opponent off the pedestal using the foam pugil sticks! But it is not as easy as it sounds…players (min 8yrs) must also try and balance themselves as the podium rocks up and down as the players move around on it!

Find out more about our Rock N’ Roll here!

4. Bungee Run

Race against your opponent to see who can go furthest on this classic strength and power game! Run, walk and stretch to place your velcro pad down before *PING* the bungee pulls you back to the start! We can even change the difficulty for adults and children (min 3yrs) alike!

Find out more about our Bungee Run here!

3. Portable Crazy Golf

The first of the 3 BIG GUNS! Our Mobile Crazy Golf is one for all the family, and one all can enjoy at the same time! With castles, loop the loops, ramps and windmills, our courses are a real joy to play. With 9 holes and a whole range of adult, child and toddler clubs, our golf has a high throughput allowing many to play at the same time. Take on the greens and try to hit a hole-in-one by hiring today!

Find out more about our Mobile Crazy Golf here!

2. Mobile Laser Tag

Running a close second is our Mobile Laser Tag! Battle in it amongst swirling fog, lasers and darkness with our 10 player all v all inflatable! A massive hit with children and adults alike; the five minute games are always competitive with players striving for the high score! Another activity with a high throughput allows everyone to get a chance (min 6yrs) to be king of the arena!

Find out more about our Laser Tag here!

And in at number 1: Mobile Rock Climbing Wall

This one stands tall (at 8 metres!). Eye-catching and visible from all around, we have routes up for beginners and competent climbers alike! With 4 different faces and many routes to the top, Altitude’s Wall is fun and testing at the same time. Our operators are fully trained and are always on hand to help climbers reach the summit. Complete with harnesses for adults and little ones (weight limits: min 3.5 stone, max 18 stone), the Climbing Wall is an attraction that draws in the crowds, challenges the climbers and is fun for those participating and watching alike!  We also regularly run fundraising climbs on the Wall with people being sponsored to conquer certain heights such as the 3 Peaks Challenge, Ben Nevis, height of the Empire State building, etc, etc.

Find out more about our Climbing Wall here!

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