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FOCUS ON: Segways

Posted in Focus On on June 2, 2015

Have you seen these two wheeled machines and fancied giving them a try? Want to test your abilities on something different? Segways are the personal transportation vehicle of the future (if the creator is to be believed)! And here at Altitude we were not only the first company to hire these motorised vehicles in the UK, but we are also the leading provider of Segways to Corporate Events and most other types of events that you can think of!

Balancing on just two wheels, it is the clever innards of a Segway that help you stay balanced and manoeuvre around our tricky courses. With a fair bit of focus, fun and skill you can compete against colleagues, friends and family whilst enjoying this unique experience.

With a large fleet consisting of the latest specification Off Road Segways, these rugged looking machines can be used all year round and guests do not get plastered in mud! Segways also leave the venue in a better condition than most other motorised equipment does. Segways are emission free and virtually silent compared to anything else motorised so they also have a very green image.Segways

Altitude’s Segway event rental service is based out of East Sussex but we also regularly provide a Segway hire service to events in West Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London, Hampshire, Berkshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and further afield. Segway hire is great for Corporate Events, Multi Activity Days, Family Fundays and Promotional Events.

Come and have a look here for more Segway information!

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