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Go fast or go home with Altitude’s Powerturn Buggies!

Posted in General News on June 7, 2017

Jump into one of our twin-engined twin-seater off road Powerturn buggies, which are fantastic fun for both drivers and spectators alike providing endless stories and laughter!

Powerturns Hire and RentalsThe unique driving style of the 6 wheeled Powerturn uses joysticks for steering and acceleration instead of a steering wheel and pedals. You will find that Powerturn wheelies under acceleration are commonplace bringing a smile to everyone’s face!

Controlled like a tank, these off road buggies use skid steer steering so that they can turn tightly on the spot. With a separate control joystick working each engine they are simple to use and totally different to most other off road buggies out there today. This means they can be driven by a pair of drivers using a control lever each which is perfect for team building days where communication is the key.

The Powerturn Buggies can be driven by anyone over the age of 16 and we can also take over 12’s out in them for passenger rides. Check out the gallery for more pictures of Powerturns in action.

See more about the Powerturn Buggies, including specifications here.

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