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Look at what’s NEW with our Magic Selfie Mirror upgrade!

Posted in New Activities on December 13, 2016

YES! That’s right! Our Magic Selfie Mirror has been given an upgrade for the Festive season and beyond!

The Magic Selfie Mirror was a new addition to Altitude Events Ltd ever-growing range of activities this year but it has already been upgraded to enhance the experience it offers!

The Mirror is an ingenious piece of kit that as an ideal alternative to a photobooth at events. Photobooths are hugely popular and the Magic Selfie Mirror offers everything a standard booth offers and more. If you haven’t seen how the Mirror works then look here and/or take a look below for all the upgrades!


Magic Selfie Mirror Hire and RentalFirst, we met Eddie. Eddie is a fun-loving voice who sometimes may be a little critical of your dress sense! But never fear, he also knows when you look good too and says it aloud for all to hear too. In the upgrade, Eddie has had some graphics updates and is a smoother talker too!

Joining Eddie, we have Austin Powers! Shag-a-delic baby yeah! Added to the mirror this update is Austin himself. With some of his classic sayings, as well as some new ones, Mr. Powers is a must for those events with a retro theme to them!

Lastly, we have Steph. Here at Altitude Events Ltd we understand it’s not all about crafty sayings and sly, yet funny, digs so Steph is the ‘Corporate Professional Upstanding’ voice of the mirror. To the point for those times it is needed.

NOTE: The voices can now also be ‘toned down’ for children’s events too. Each voice has a ‘Junior’ mode complete with interactions suitable for young users of the Magic Selfie Mirror.


Magic Selfie Mirror Hire and RentalWith new voices comes new layouts! Here at Altitude we will work with you on your layout for your event.

Eddie, Austin and Steph have their own unique background ‘standard’ designs which we can alter to suit your event.

Around the basic layout, we can incorporate your Company Logo or any text you would like, as well as any background pictures suitable.

Also going forward, we will be offering the printouts in both Landscape and Portrait. This, again, will be part of the pre-event process you undertake with us so we are ready on event day.

We can make the printouts the Mirror users take away completely event ‘specific’ just for you!

LED Lighting

Magic Selfie Mirror Hire and RentalThe frame now comes alive with all-new LED Lighting grabbing the attention of those nearby. The elegant frame stands out more at your event with this new addition which is attention grabbing!

The elegant frame stands out more at your event with this new addition which is attention grabbing!

With a warm glow it is suitable in all lighting situations and adds that little bit extra!

NOTE: The LED lighting system enhances the picture quality giving forward facing lighting. This helps light up the users for optimal exposure!

Altitude Events Ltd will provide a secondary light above the Mirror for those events as required.


Magic Selfie Mirror Hire and RentalOur Prop Box is always full, and new items are forever being added! From hats to wigs, comical signs to glasses there is something for everyone! We provide signs, inflatable items, glasses, hats, wigs to name just a few!

Whether a cheeky pose to a serious stand-off, our Prop Box can provide you with something to add the little bit to the photo!

The props are tailored to the users of the Mirror and as such, certain items may not be available if not suitable. We are more than happy for you to provide your own props too!

Why not pick up that trumpet, doff your cap and grab the Flamingo for that truly awesome picture opportunity!


Remember, as Altitude Events own and run the equipment directly, you are not paying an agents fee which keeps your costs down to a minimum as well as guaranteeing what will actually turn up on the day. All our Activities are covered under our £10 million PLI policy with full risk assessments.  Staff will be CRB/DBS checked and 1st aid trained.

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