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NEW Motor Racing theming option for Roll a Ball!

Posted in New Activities on October 17, 2023

Our fantastic Roll a Ball racing game now has a BRAND NEW Motorsport theming option!  The Motor Racing theming goes alongside the popular Horse Racing, Reindeer Racing and Football Player options that we currently offer.

We now have a great Motor Racing theming set which includes formula style racing cars.  These standard cars could easily be changed to more bespoke branded vehicles if required.  The racing lanes and side skirts change to tarmac surfaces with red and white kerbing plus the background changes to a pit complex.  And for the finishing touches the audio system is also upgraded to fit in with the Motorsport theme!

This fantastic Roll and Bowl option will be great for automotive events, car lovers at weddings and parties, motorsport events and just about anything else too!  Complete with a Top Gear style scoreboard it really does look the part and get the competitive juices flowing!

Motorsport Roll a Ball
Motor Racing Roll and Bowl

Roll a Ball / Roll and Bowl is a great electronic game for all indoor events.  Its fast paced and enjoyed by everyone who plays it, both young and old, male and female!  The eye catching game features bright and colourful lighting, a timing system and a great audio system making it really stand out from the crowd!  With the race timing system and scoreboard it means players get very competitive and come back for race after race!

Car Racing Roll a Ball

For the full info on our Car Racing Roll a Ball game please check out

And for more info on other Roll and Bowl Racing theming options take a look at

If you have a specific Roll a Ball theming option in mind that is not listed please do get in touch.  It may be something that is possible to create with a bespoke design!

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