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Rage Buggies and Max Kats now available for hire!

Posted in New Activities on October 8, 2015

Altitude Events now have two new motorised activities available to hire; Rage Off-Road Buggies and Max Kat Amphibious Vehicles!

The Rage is a top of the range off road buggy!  They have an excellent chassis combined with long travel suspension making it the perfect driving experience and great for the adrenaline seekers in the group!  Rage buggies are controlled by a standard steering wheel and pedal layout but are automatic so no need to worry with changing gears.

Meanwhile, Max Kats (or Argo Cats) are a six wheel drive amphibious vehicle which are tiller steered.  Sit alongside your instructor and manoeuvre around a course. They work well on 4×4 courses and all types of terrain!

Get in contact and find out more about Rage Buggies and Max Kats!


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