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Reach Top Speed with Altitude’s Motorised Activities!

Posted in General News on December 10, 2015

Want to feel the adrenaline rush on our Rage Buggies? Go off-roading with our Max Kat Amphibious Vehicles? Or even test your reactions with our Batak Pro light reaction game (as used by F1 drivers!), then Altitude has something for you!

Whether motorsport is your thing, reaching top speeds, navigating tricky courses or just beating your rivals; our range of of outdoor and indoor activities can make your event memorable for all the right reasons!

Rage BuggiesRage Buggy Hire and Rentals

The RAGE! is a top of the range off road buggy with an excellent chassis combined with long travel suspension making it the perfect driving experience and great for the adrenaline seekers in the group!  Rage buggies are controlled by a standard steering wheel and pedals.

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Power Turn CarsPowerturn Buggies

Powerturns are twin engined twin seater off road buggies. The unique driving style of the 6 wheeled Powerturn uses joysticks for skid steering and acceleration instead of a steering wheel and pedals. You will find that Powerturn wheelies under acceleration are commonplace bringing a smile to everyone’s face!

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Max Kat Amphibious VehiclesMax Kat Hire and Rentals

Max Kats are a quirky six wheel drive amphibious vehicle which is tiller steered.  Sit along side your instructor and manoeuvre the buggy around a course! Once you’ve mastered the controls, Max Kats can take on any 4×4 course and tough terrain!

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Blindfold 4x4 /Jeep DrivingBlindfold Drive

Take it in turns to navigate our 4×4 around a course whilst blindfolded! With an instructor by your side, a blindfolded driver will be directed by another team member sitting in the back. We just hope that you trust them and that you all know your left from your right!

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Reverse Steer DrivingReverse Steer Jeep Driving

Reverse Steer 4×4 Driving really is exactly as daft as it sounds… When you turn the steering wheel to the left, the 4×4 goes to the right and when you turn to the right, the 4×4 goes to the left!! Reverse Steer 4×4 Driving is guaranteed to cause a lot of laughs and probably a bit of head scratching too!!

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Step on to one of our off road Segways for “The Segway Experience” and tackle a tricky track uses skill and speed! Segways are emission free and virtually silent compared to anything else motorised so they also have a very green image. Segways leave a venue in much better condition than other motorised activities and guests can ride without getting plastered in mud, even in the depths of Winter or the wettest of English Summers!

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Race SimulatorsRace Simulators

Jump into a race seat and race head to head (or individually) on a variety of disciplines including F1, Race, Rally and Sports Cars.  We can set the Racing Simulators up for head to head multiplayer racing or best lap times. The Racing Sims have a massive range of vehicles and tracks (including the Top Gear test track) to satisfy most requests.

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Nintendo Wii HireNintendo Wii

Nintendo’s now iconic Wii console completely revolutionised the computer gaming market when it was launched and they are now available as an activity suitable for all ages.  The Nintendo Wii’s that Altitude Events hire come with 47″ screens and are supplied with 4 x WiiMotes and 4 x Nunchuks. We can also supply 4 steering wheels for racing games including the much-loved Mario Kart!

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Giant ScalextricScalextric

Our Giant Scalextric (slot car racing) set allows up to 4 players to race at any one time using the mini racing cars. The Giant Scalextric track comes complete with a race marshal and a computerised lap timing system to work out exactly who is the fastest driver or team at your event. Race results are shown on the flat screen monitor and the track is illuminated by mini spotlights.

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Batak Pro Hire and RentalsBatak Pro

The Batak Pro is an incredibly addictive game that tests reactions. Altitude Events provide the latest top of the range model of Batak which is called the Batak Pro. Batak Pro features 12 LED targets that are numbered and arranged in a ‘maximum stretch’ type configuration on the frame which are then controlled by an on-board computer. Used by F1 and other sports to test their athlete’s reactions!

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