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Reaction Test Games Hire

Posted in Altitude's Top 5! on March 12, 2024

We truly LOVE our Reaction Test Games!!!  And so do most of our clients, they are always amongst the most popular hire activities to all events.  The Reaction Test Games all come with a Top Gear style scoreboard making them especially great for competitive groups!  Here are our favourite Reaction Test Games available to hire throughout the Southeast:


Strike a Light is a fast paced 2 player head to head Reaction Test Game.  With games only lasting 30 seconds it has a great throughput making it ideal for busy events.  Its bright lights and pumping sound system are sure to generate interest wherever it goes!  Players only have to be tall enough to reach the buttons to play so this probably has the widest age range of all the Electronic Games we hire.  No one can resist having a quick try at Strike a Light!


Batak Pro is brilliant for Corporate Events, Promotions, Wellbeing and Healthy Living Days or sports focused events as its often used in training by athletes.  The eye catching chrome frame provides a wow factor and good visual for spectators to watch too.  The Batak Wall is a single player game with a choice of over 30 different game settings available.


Batak Wall Hire


The Vault is a less physical Reaction Test Game and involves more hand eye co-ordination.  Players have to stop the spinning light on the target areas.  As players progress through the 4 difficulty levels the spinning light moves faster and the targets get smaller.  The bright lights look great at all events.  The Vault is perfect for events with a spy or secret agent theme.

The Vault Hire and Rental


Chaos is a 4 player version of Strike a Light.  Chaos is more of a head to head game with players competing against other players in that game rather than high scores over the event.  Again, with bright lights and onboard sound system it generates lots of attention!  Its a great upgrade from Strike a Light for events with lots of people!

Chaos Hire and Rental

We offer Reaction Test Games Hire to events in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Berkshire, Hampshire, London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.  Reaction Test Games are great for Corporate Events, Promotions, Parties, Weddings and just about everything else too!

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